Author: Vet91Gulf45

  • We are updating our Site!

    It is time for us to update our website. Over the years some of the elements of the old design stopped working as the support goes away. We have decided to move to a WordPress site. This will let us update the information about The Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses meetings and […]

  • Operation Forgotten Warrior II

    We would like to thank our members in supporting us in this operation. Operation Forgotten Warrior II was our project to help to get the leadership of the Department of Veterans Affairs to understand that the Desert Storm Veterans are still here and that they are not getting the care and the benefits as per […]

  • Scud Use in Desert Storm

    It should be noted that on the night of January 17th, 1991, when the firstScud was fired, the service members at the port city of Dhahran went intoMOPP-4 for six or more hours. It was a known fact that the troops at the port city of Dhahran were warned of the incoming scud by a […]

  • PACT Act Claims

    VA will begin processing PACT Act claims January 1, 2023, The PACT Act is the most significant expansion of Veteran benefits and care in more than three decades, empowering VA to help millions of toxic-exposed Veterans and their survivors. More than 213,000 PACT Act-related claims for benefits have been submitted. Additionally, more than 959,000 Veterans […]

  • PACT Act meetings in Kansas

    PACT Act meetings being held in Kansas by the Wichita VAMC. Outreach has the following events scheduled to take place. Most of these are related to our PACT Act outreach efforts and we should make every effort to offer all necessary services at these events: Eligibility & Enrollment (E&E), Disability Claims, Toxic Exposure Screenings (TES), […]