Scud Use in Desert Storm

It should be noted that on the night of January 17th, 1991, when the first
Scud was fired, the service members at the port city of Dhahran went into
MOPP-4 for six or more hours. It was a known fact that the troops at the port city of Dhahran were warned of the incoming scud by a loudspeaker system.
The troops were at the time, ordered to take their Pyridostigmine Bromide (PB)
Pills (anti nerve agent) that had some side effects that made many veterans feel like they were exposed to gas. It should be noted that the port is at Dhahran,
the same place as the veteran. This is also the same place that a scud landed
and killed 28 reservists on the 25th of February.

The loudspeaker first went off with “Scud Launch”. This is when we were ordered into an area and told to take our nerve agent pills. We were told how some might make it if there was nerve gas and it got on our skin. Then the loudspeakers kept blearing “Scud attack- MOPP 4” for a long time. After that they went into MOPP-4 from 1 to 8 hours depending on the flight path and all clear from the NBC team.

The following information comes from the Department of Defense website.
A. Introduction
Support for this Information Paper came from hundreds of pages of operational and open source evidence, allowing investigators to piece together lists of Iraq’s Scud firings (presented below by general target area). Source documents sometimes contained inconsistent information. Even official logs and
chronologies frequently recorded disparate detail and third-hand accounts. While a large volume of contemporary 1991 operational reporting has been declassified or released, some of the most reliable sources of information on Scud firings contain sensitive details and remain classified. Investigators considered all available information in constructing summaries for each attack. For completeness, however, our summaries below cite reports with alternative information on numbers of Scuds in an attack, Patriot defensive reactions, ground damage, and other details. For some operational logs and chronologies, we uncovered only individual pages detached at some point and set aside because they touched on Scuds. In some cases, we could not identify the originating military organization, but all such evidence came from archives of official documents that the services reviewed for use in this paper.

This link is to the full writeup I used for a veteran.’S%20USE%20OF%20SCUDS%20vet%20write-up.pdf





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