File for the Forgotten Warrior II so we can become seen again.

PDF That can be used in the Mailings, Doctors, VSO's and Claims Education.

You have to be doing this! It is up to each VAMC director if they will do this. If you do not help you will keep being a FORGOTTEN WARRIOR II.

Get EVERY VSO in your area to help you!

We need everyone to ask the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, your home VAMC director and the Chairperson of both the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committee's why these pamphlets' are not in the VAMC so veterans and their caregivers can get this vital information.

You will need the latest PDF reader. Click HERE to get it

This is the handout that the VA produced and gave out during the NGWRC 2010 Informational and Health Fair in Dallas Texas. I have not seen it in any of the 5 different VAMC that I have been to since. I do not know of any Veterans that have ever seen this one so far. It would be great if we can get an updated version of this into the VA and into the CBOC's . Why do the big three VSO not have have something with this type of information in their office?

The VA Caring for Gulf War Veterans course. A guide on treating us. It is not to bad; it does need some work. It falls flat on the face in the "Exposure to Chemical". Someone needs to work that part over. They left out the 100,000+ from just one of the known exposure.

LETS ask and find out. Write a letter to your VSO, the Director of the VA there you get your care at and to the VA central Office. Remember that you always have to write to your local VA first, just like your chain of command.

Lets get it in the VAMC's so the other veterans can get help.

Three Presumptive to the Gulf War

So many other veterans do not know about the War Related Illness and Injury Study Center. How can they when the VAMC does not put out any information on it. When I do, they pick it all up and trash it.


Here is a PDF copy of a WRIISC flyer for veterans.

Most all Gulf War Veteran doctor do not know about the War Related Illness and Injury Study Center. We are the ones that have to tell them, yet at times for many veterans it is like talking to a brick wall. As my mom (a retired nurse) said "doctors do not like to be told anything but your symptoms."

Doctors have very little time as it is with us and less to read an E-mail of something not really that important to them.


We need the VA to train the doctors, but we need to give the doctors this tool also.


We need the VA to place these in all health care locations. The veterans have a right to know. Even as this sign is now going around the internet, many veterans are learning from it that these are presumptive illnesses and never should have been denied. Some are asking why their VSOs let them down.

We need to work at getting this poster in the TV type bulition board too. One would be surprised at not only how many veterans do not know about the exam; but even the VA staff that do not know about the registry exam. I have told many veterans that have problems in getting the GW exam data from their VA to just ask for the Agent Orange registry since they are all done out of the same place.

We still do get some veterans, my self included sent the pre-exam questions in that it is asking about our service in Vietnam and not the gulf War. Many of the veterans cannot get their phone calls returned. My self included.

These are local problems that we hope to get fixed, but it is local in to many different VA's not just Topeka.



The exams are also for DU and other exposures.





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You should also write your official and the VA as to why these are not in your health care areas. It would be your CBOC and or VAMC. There are to many veterans still just now learning of these illness to their service.

We all need to help them too.