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Gulf War Claim Granting rate in 2002, 10% or more. Only 12754 claim was worked and 2796 paid < 0% 5%
Gulf War Claim Granting rate in 2006, .

On page 15 they list priorty groups.

All GWV are in 6, so why are so many in 7 and 8?

In the 2008 like the other they give Claims Filed.

They did not give one the number of UDX claims filed; but the total claims filed. It does tale work but the denial rate has been from 95 to 76 % over the years.

I am waiting on numbers for the CMI claim when I should them the rate was very high they did a relook.

The State of Kansas did a great thing by doing a studing the veterans. I worked hard on the committee and my group did too. We still are This is a rewrite of part of the flyer sent to all Kansas veterans.  






The NGWRC has been in talks with the VBA and VHA central offices to resolve many of the problems with claim denials and high rates.  While we have been able to prove that a very high number of claims did have a proper diagnosed CMI such as fibromyalgia or IBS, they told us that some veterans are filing their claims without a diagnoses or any paperwork to substantiate their FDC claim.

The information below SHOULD be followed when filing your claim for a better chance of an approval:

  1.  You must have a proper diagnosis for the CMI BEFORE you file the claim.
  2.  You must have ALL of the tests done as per that CMI medical guide lines before a diagnosis and turn them in. Use a DBQ form too.
  3.  The doctor needs be an expert in the field and turn in the paperwork from the doctor showing this if they are not a VA doctor.
  4.  You need a good medical track record for both the CMI and undiagnosed illness showing the doctors tried to DX the illness and test. Over six months.
  5.  A good claim is one where tests are done to rule things out before you file.
  6.  A good claim is where you do not have some other illness that can cause the illness. You need to read the Guide on this.  
  7.  Do NOT file for fibromyalgia unless you have a proper diagnosis with all of the right tests.
  8.  Do NOT file for IBS unless you have has a proper diagnosis ruling out ulcerative colitis.
  9.  Chronic fatigue in your records does not mean that you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Chronic Fatigue on your record problem list can be due to a number of other illnesses, or even medication.